Paint swatchesChoosing Colors on the Web

When creating designs for the Web, color is very important. It's also something that can be difficult to communicate to your designer. Thankfully, each color that can be displayed on your monitor has a special number assigned to it, and you can use these numbers to let us know what colors you need.

Hexadecimal Color Codes

The numbers used to represent colors are usually referenced in the hexadecimal (base 16) system. Because the common decimal system only contains 10 numbers, we use the letters A-F to add numbers past 10. For example, the number 29 in hexadecimal is 1D.
All colors on your monitor are comprised of a combination of red, green, and blue. By mixing these colors in different ways, using the hexadecimal system, we can create over 16 million colors! Each red, green, and blue value is assigned a number from 0 - FF (0 - 255 in decimal). The higher the number gets, the more intense that value will be. For example, if red is set to FF, blue to 0, and green to 0, you'll have a bright red color. This color combination is written as FF0000. The first two numbers represent red, the next two represent green, and the last two are for blue. So to get a teal color, we can mix green and blue like this: 006655. Wikipedia provides more information on this subject if you're interested.
Now that you have a basic understanding of how colors are written in hexadecimal, we can communicate more effectively in regard to the colors you need.

Color Charts

The following links provide charts and other information to help you choose your color scheme.
A great place to capture colors from websites that you like.
Kuler is a community-driven website that allows users to upload, name, and rate color schemes. Browse through the various colors that others have chosen, and see if you can find one you like.
Color Schemer Online lets you browse and test out different colors.
This resource provides a palette of color chips for you to browse through.